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Josh Fair & Roughly Pack of 4

SKU 0011876
  • Josh Fair & Roughly is a fair-pink dotted condom designed to give you and your partner intensified sensation and extra stimulation during your special moments of intimacy. Josh Fair & Roughly has been introduced in a slim pocket pack that can easily slide into your pocket and stay discreet. This marks the launch of the first ever pocket-pack condom introduced in Pakistan.
  • Each pack of Josh Fair & Roughly includes four condoms.

Josh Fair & Roughly features a dotted surface to give your partner a rough and bumpy ride experience for her extra pleasure.

The slim pocket-pack makes it easier to carry the product in attire pockets discreetly.

Its fair-pink color adds on exciting dimension to your special moments of intimacy.

A single pack of Fair & Roughly 4s gives you more value for money as compared to our 3s pack series.