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Knight Rider Long Timing Delay Spray for Men - 15ml

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Pleasure & Extend your intimate moments with the remarkable Knight Rider Delay Spray in pakistan @hiffey

No Side Effects Skin Type: All skin types For External Use Only 1st Choice for more Pleasure Maximum Long Duration 100% original Guarantee Effectively extend ejaculation time and make sex life last longer Instructions: Hold the Container 10cm apart with the arrow on the spray button pointing towards...

Key Features:
  • No Side Effects
  • Skin Type: All skin types
  • For External Use Only
  • 15 ML
  • 1st Choice for more Pleasure
  • Maximum Long Duration
  • 100% original Guarantee
  • Expiry Date till 2024
  • Effectively extend ejaculation time and make sex life last longer


Hold the Container 10cm apart with the arrow on the spray button pointing towards the area of application. Press the button repeatedly to spray

صرف اپنے عضو تناسل کے سر کے نیچے کی طرف، دس منٹ پہلے اور کچھ نیچے کی شافٹ کے ساتھ ساتھ اس کے انتہائی حساس حصے پر چھڑکیں۔ تین یا زیادہ سپرے لگائیں لیکن 10 سے زیادہ نہیں۔ آپ کو مکمل طور پر کھڑا ہونا ضروری نہیں ہے، لیکن اگر آپ ہیں تو یہ اتنا ہی اچھا کام کرتا ہے۔ آپ تجربہ کر سکتے ہیں کہ کتنے سپرے آپ کے لیے بہترین ہیں۔ چھوٹے علاقے میں تین سپرے کے ساتھ شروع کریں، اور پھر تجربہ کریں، آپ کی حساسیت کی سطح پر منحصر ہے۔

Note: Shake well before use. For external use only. Keep in a cool dry place

What's in the Box?

1 x Knight Rider Delay Spray

Pack of 1 Rs. 319/-
Pack of 3 Rs. 875/-
Pack of 6 Rs. 1496/-
Pack of 12 Rs. 2674/-

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Knight Rider Delay Spray for Men: A Complete Guide to Lasting Longer in Bed

I. Introduction

  • The importance of sexual satisfaction in relationships
  • Introducing Knight Rider Delay Spray for men as a solution
  • Brief overview of the product's features and benefits

II. Understanding Knight Rider Delay Spray

  • What is Knight Rider Delay Spray?
  • Key ingredients and their role in prolonging ejaculation
  • No side effects: Safe for all skin types
  • Expiry date till 2024: Ensuring product quality

III. How Knight Rider Delay Spray Works

  • The science behind extending ejaculation time
  • Effective application techniques for maximum results
    • Instructions for use
    • Holding the container correctly
    • Recommended spray distance and frequency
    • Target areas for application

IV. Advantages of Knight Rider Delay Spray

  • Unleashing more pleasure with Knight Rider
  • Longer-lasting sex: The ultimate goal
  • Testimonials and success stories from satisfied users
  • Why Knight Rider is the first choice for prolonging pleasure

V. Ensuring Safety and Quality

  • External use only: Understanding product limitations
  • Skin-friendly formula for all skin types
  • Shake well before use: Ensuring proper mixture
  • Proper storage and handling: Keeping the spray effective
  • Compliance with regulatory standards and certifications

VI. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is Knight Rider Delay Spray suitable for all men?
  2. Can the spray be used with condoms?
  3. Are there any potential side effects?
  4. How long does it take for the spray to start working?
  5. Can the spray be used by men with sensitive skin?
  6. Is Knight Rider Delay Spray available worldwide?

VII. Conclusion

  • Recap of the benefits and features of Knight Rider Delay Spray
  • Emphasizing its effectiveness in extending ejaculation time
  • Encouraging readers to try Knight Rider for a more satisfying sex life

Experience heightened pleasure and extend your intimate moments with the remarkable Knight Rider Delay Spray. This exceptional product is designed to enhance your sexual experience by delaying ejaculation, allowing you and your partner to savor each passionate moment to the fullest...

Unleash Your Inner Sensuality

Knight Rider Delay Spray offers a unique blend of natural ingredients carefully selected to provide you with ultimate control and stamina. Crafted with precision, this remarkable spray enables you to extend your lovemaking sessions, elevating pleasure and intensifying your connection with your partner.

The Power of Prolonged Passion

By using Knight Rider Delay Spray, you can unlock the power of prolonged passion. The advanced formula within this sensational spray targets the sensitive areas, desensitizing them slightly, without diminishing the pleasure experienced. This subtle adjustment allows you to extend your sexual encounters, bringing you and your partner closer together while savoring each intimate moment.

Elevate Your Intimacy

Imagine being able to experience deeper levels of intimacy and intimacy without the worry of premature ejaculation. Knight Rider Delay Spray empowers you to take control of your pleasure, enhancing your confidence and enabling you to satisfy your partner's desires fully. With this extraordinary product, you can elevate your intimacy to new heights, forging a stronger bond with your loved one.

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Delay Spray

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3 Reviews

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    Night rider supry

    Posted by Ali murtaz on 21st Nov 2023

    Whenever I have purchased from you before I didn't face any difficulties But this time what has been sent to me is very bad such very low quality

  • 3

    Good product

    Posted by Abdul Samad on 24th Aug 2023

    But half leqvid

  • 4

    its good product

    Posted by Muhammad Ashfaq on 19th Oct 2023


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