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Introduced in 1917 by a physician named Dr. J. Murry K-Y, K-Y Jelly is a trusted and reliable brand of personal lubricants that is commonly used for sexual pleasure and medical purposes. With its water-based and water-soluble formula, K-Y Jelly provides a smooth and natural feeling during sexual activity and reduces discomfort and anxiety. Whether you're looking for a simple personal lubricant or a product that can enhance your intimacy and pleasure, K-Y Jelly offers a range of options to meet your needs. So why not try K-Y Jelly today and experience the benefits for yourself?

K-Y Jelly in Pakistan: A Comprehensive Guide on Water-Based Personal Lubricants

As a leading brand of personal lubricants, K-Y Jelly is well-known for its water-based and water-soluble formulas that provide a smooth and natural feeling during sexual intercourse and masturbation. With a range of products available under the K-Y banner, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is the best for your needs. In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive into the world of K-Y Jelly in Pakistan and explore the different products and formulas offered by the brand.

What is K-Y Jelly?

K-Y Jelly is a personal lubricant that is commonly used during sexual activity to reduce friction and enhance pleasure. It is a water-based and water-soluble product that is compatible with most condoms and sex toys. The K-Y brand was first introduced in 1917 by a physician named Dr. J. Murry K-Y, who created the product to make surgical procedures less painful for his patients. Today, K-Y Jelly is used by millions of people around the world for sexual pleasure and medical purposes.

K-Y Jelly Products in Pakistan

In Pakistan, K-Y Jelly offers a range of products that cater to different needs and preferences. Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular K-Y Jelly products in Pakistan:

  1. K-Y Jelly Personal Lubricant: This is the original water-based and water-soluble formula of K-Y Jelly that is designed to provide a natural and smooth feeling during sexual activity. It is compatible with most condoms and sex toys and can be used for vaginal, anal, and oral sex.
  2. K-Y Jelly His and Hers: This product is designed to enhance the sexual experience for both partners. The His formula provides a warming sensation for him, while the Hers formula provides a tingling sensation for her. Both formulas are water-based and water-soluble and can be used with most condoms and sex toys.
  3. K-Y Jelly Love: This product is specifically designed for couples who want to enhance their intimacy and pleasure. It is a water-based and water-soluble formula that provides a gentle warming sensation and is safe for use with most condoms and sex toys.
  4. K-Y Jelly Silk-E: This product is a hybrid formula that combines the benefits of water-based and silicone-based lubricants. It provides a long-lasting and silky smooth feeling during sexual activity and is compatible with most condoms and sex toys.
  5. K-Y Jelly Ultra Gel: This product is a thicker and more concentrated formula that provides extra lubrication and is designed for more intense sexual activities. It is water-based and water-soluble and can be used with most condoms and sex toys.

Benefits of K-Y Jelly

Using K-Y Jelly during sexual activity has several benefits, including:

  1. Reduced friction and discomfort: K-Y Jelly provides a smooth and natural feeling that reduces friction and discomfort during sexual activity.
  2. Increased pleasure: K-Y Jelly enhances pleasure by providing a slippery and sensual feeling that enhances sensitivity and arousal.
  3. Improved intimacy: K-Y Jelly can improve intimacy by reducing discomfort and anxiety during sexual activity, allowing couples to focus on pleasure and intimacy.
  4. Safe and reliable: K-Y Jelly is a safe and reliable product that is clinically tested and approved by healthcare professionals.

How to Use K-Y Jelly

Using K-Y Jelly is easy and straightforward. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  1. Apply a small amount of K-Y Jelly to the desired area.
  2. Reapply as needed during sexual activity.
  3. After use, clean the area with warm water and soap.

    K-Y New Body friendly formula that provides longer lasting pleasure that complements your natural lubrication.
    KY Jelly is a thick gel that effortlessly glides on and stays where you want it to, quickly preparing you for intimacy. not made with Artificial colorants, sulphates, hormones, parabens and fragrances.
    Not made with sulphates, hormones, parabens, artificial colorants and fragrances

K-Y Jelly Water Based Personal Lubricant (Body Friendly Formula)

Intended for penile, vaginal and/or anal application for intimate sexual activity and to supplement the body’s natural lubrication. Apply desired amount to your intimate areas. Reapply as needed. Snap cap closed after use. Compatible with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms. Not compatible with polyurethane condoms.

“My husband and I love K-Y Yours and Mine. Provided a wonderful tingling and warm sensation that I enjoyed immensely!”

– K-Y Yours & Mine Couples Lube User

“I place a few drops on my female personal area and... I get a heightened sensation... Please don't ever stop making this product.”
– K-Y Intense Pleasure Gel User.

K-Y® Brand Lubricant, 1919

Johnson & Johnson began distributing K-Y®; Brand lubricants, which included a pain reliever jelly (K-Y® Analgesic Jelly) and a surgical lubricant (K-Y® Lubricating Jelly). The non-greasy, water-soluble jellies were both ideal lubricants and moisturizers. The anodyne version was infused with a combination of camphor, menthol, and wintergreen oil to act as a local painkiller. K-Y® Lubricating Jelly, originally developed for surgical uses, was later adapted as a consumer product. In 2014, Johnson & Johnson divested the brand. 


We are here to make sexual pleasure for women a priority and bring equality into the bedroom. We believe enjoying sex is something to be proud of, not ashamed of. To feel good about, not judged for. Our mission is to empower women to have better sex, always.

Pleasure is good for you

Back arching, mood enhancing, muscles twitching, confidence boosting.
For lust, for love. Whatever your pleasure, put it first.

K-Y is born in NYC

Like so many colorful stories, ours starts in New York City, though at the time, you might have had to bribe your doctor to take us home.

Sexuality gets the Hollywood treatment

Cinema takes the pin-up girl to the mainstream. Although it viewed women from a biased male POV, film boldly glorified female sexuality to challenge long-held social values.

The thrill of the pill

The FDA approves the pill, granting women reproductive freedom. Combine this with the Feminist Movement and, you have yourself a full-blown sexual revolution.

Pride takes stride

The world’s first Gay Pride Celebration takes over Greenwich Village, marking a year since Stonewall and over a decade of brave sociopolitical rebellion. Hell yes.

The first male centerfold

Well, hello there. Playgirl hits the scene. It features the media’s first image of a sexualized male, alongside features written by women, for women.

K-Y becomes a bedroom staple

We finally get the green light to sell our lubes in stores across North America. We go on to become synonymous with sex and an icon of the era.

Sexuality pops

Pop music and culture push an unapologetic perspective of sexuality as power. Madonna’s book ‘Sex’ features images of LGBTQ+ sex, S&M, and unfiltered female sexuality. And shocks the world.

K-Y makes a splash

It took just shy of two Millennia for the world to see their first lube ad. Our inaugural campaign was beyond words.

Sex gets smart

The information age makes sex more diverse, accessible, and anonymous. Apps put the power to play in the hands of everybody with Grindr leading the charge.

The revolution continues online - 

The sexual revolution has a new stomping ground: the internet. Gender’s non-binary, sexuality is fluid, kinks are celebrated, and sex? Well, it’s whatever you want it to be. More inclusive. More diverse. More exploring. Way more fun.

Discover the world of K-Y Jelly in Pakistan with our comprehensive guide. Learn about the range of water-based personal lubricants, including the original formula, His and Hers, Love, Silk-E, and Ultra Gel. K-Y Jelly reduces friction, increases pleasure, and improves intimacy, making it a safe and reliable choice for sexual activity. Our guide explains how to use K-Y Jelly and highlights its benefits, including its compatibility with most condoms and sex toys. Try K-Y Jelly today to experience its natural and smooth feeling during sexual activity.

29th Dec 2023 Shahroz Yousif

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