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MAQ Baby Feeding Bottle 8 oz - Blue

by Hiffey
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SKU K06 000007-01
Safe, strong & hygienic carefully made to the highest standards
Wash bottle and accessories thoroughly before and after each use and store in a dry covered container sterilize bottle and accessories before use in a sterilizing solution, steam sterilizer, microwave steam sterilizer or by boiling for at least 5 minutes
always follow manufacturer's instructions when using sterilizing equipment and when preparing feeds.
Inspect nipples before and after each use discard immediately if sings of wear , damage or puncture are found.
Never leave an infant unsupervised at feed time.
Do not store nipples in direct sunlight.
Feeding bottle nipples are unsuitable for use as a soother/dummy/pacifiar.
Do not heat a sealed bottle.
Do not put nipple into a microwave except when using a microwave steam sterilizer.
Exercise extreme caution when heating feeds in a microwave oven. Shake well and carefully check temperature before feeding.
Never use boiling or very hot water when preparing feeds Always mix feeds with previously boiled water. cooled to hand warm (45o.c)