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We are the new generation of E-Commerce. Aiming to unite the best entrepreneurs, dynamic thinkers, leaders & team players to design a smooth system which can be fruitful for our customers. We are here to create such a workplace culture where each employee feels included, responsible and praiseworthy, where everyone wins.

Career Growth and Development

In this fast pace era of E-Market, Hiffey believes in continuous development and remain in search of new talent to strengthen its workforce. As the new trends emerges and grows; we grow with it by implying new tactical development and training programs that let our employees polish their talent and skills with the aim of flourishing results.

Healthy Environment with multiple Perks

Employees aren’t just plain assets they are our responsibility and we believe in creating not just a work space for earning revenue but to create a family. Therefore we have developed such an environment with many perks and benefits included for our employees which makes them feel valued. Perks includes but is not limited to, Medical benefits, paid sick leaves, monthly, yearly bonus, maternity leaves and many more.

Competitive Salary

We offers our employees market competitive salary to earn their talent and retainer-ship, plus additional bonuses and perks. We understand and respect talent hence we believe that employee should be remunerated fully up to their skills, talent and performance.

Open Door Culture

Anyone can plan and think of ideas, Hiffey understands that and welcome all employees to share their thoughts, offer plans. Hiffey empower its employees in such a way where anyone can comfortably share ideas and opinions. We are aiming to create leaders and to build such system & culture that allow people to change for good, to think for solutions that drive them towards success.


Hiffey do not discriminate and offers same liberty, rights & perks to all. Doesn’t matter which gender, cast, religion or nationality you have, you can join Hiffey and avail the same level of benefits and advancement as everyone.

Join Us Today: Let's grow together

If you have the will to grow, to discover and to advance yourselves we urge you to join us. Together we can achieve more, we would love you have to onboard!