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What are the Primary Items that A best Shaving Kit consists?

What are the Primary Items that A best Shaving Kit consists?

Initially, it may appear to buy a shaving kit. Who can blame you for this? The other person did all the tough work and combined the tools of wet shaving set in a single set.

Although the shaving kit might seem to be look ONE, there is a great possibility that there’s something that you did not think before purchasing it.

So there are many things to consider before you run to the physical stores and purchase a first class shaving kit.

Primary Items that Shaving Kit Contains:


There are several shaving kits you can select from that involve different kinds of razors.

  1. Safety Razor
  2. Straight Razor
  3. Cartridge Razor

If you are just a beginner, I recommend you to play it safe and avail a shaving kit that contains cartridge razor. This razor is quite easy to use and requires less investment.

The other two razor types give you an awesome wet shaving experience. These razors will give you the best deepest shaving with very low running charges. The additional disposable razors and shavettes are very cheap in contrast to to cartridge razors. Although, the real razors might be pretty expensive.

Shaving Brush

In this section, you will seek a couple of several shaving brush types.

But firstly, you require choosing a one hair brush i.e. Artificial one or Natural Hair Brush.

There are several synthetic shaving brushes that provide higher water retention with the brilliant ability of producing lather but at the same time, they are quite soft to facial skin.

Subsequently, there are many great natural hair shaving brushes in world. Including between natural hair brushes, you have to select between boar, horse and badger hair shaving brush.  Each one of them provides a different texture and feeling to your face and it is definitely up to your choice and convenience which one is the best for lathering.

Among all these brushes, badger hair brush is quire pricey in comparison to others. So, this is also a main point which you have to keep in mind before purchasing. This point doesn’t make it necessarily better, but instead that it contains more unique and rare materials and this could be a significant factor that maximizes its prices.

Shaving Kit Holder

And if you are interested in giving your shaving kit some extra luxury, then a holder can be work for this factor. It is not merely convenient but also it looks pleasant.

If the razor and brush in shaving kits are the main parts of body, then the shaving kit holder surely acts like its whole body.  And as we all are much conscious about the beauty, same thing applies to this shaving kit holder.

Although, we all know that the holder does not play a significant part in your shaving routine, a wet shaving person gets happy by observing this stand.  I just seriously love looking at my shaving kit holder inside my washroom which is perfectly holding my razors and shaving brushes.

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