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Traditional wear or Western trends in Pakistan?

Traditional wear or Western trends in Pakistan?

The personality we own is commonly reflected in the clothes we wear. That’s why number of people is annoyed and confused by the continuously changing trends of clothes in Pakistan.

Today’s generation debates on the several aspects of fashion trends these days. Many of us argue that we should learn to go with the flow and hence choosing new trends Is a recommended option. But many people also believe that our traditional clothes represent our identity and Pakistani culture. Ignoring these traditional trends will be like discarding our norms and values.

Although, youngsters feel that western wear depicts to offer freedom of expression. People can also add his/her ideas to make it look classier, stylish and elegant. Following the latest fashion help people especially teenagers to cope with the new trends and peer pressure. Hence, resulting in the acceptance of his/her personality among the liberal society. Following latest trends notifies that you are modern and very much in touch with the world.

Moreover, it is also considered that contemporary clothes make people feel more confident as they are portraying a fashionable image of themselves. Western wear offers a choice of flexibility in the aspect that we can alter our dressing sense anytime in day in or day out. Pakistani girls when wearing modern clothes here really don’t need to grab their kameez firmly or hold on their dupatta whenever the breeze blows through unlike in eastern ones.

On the other hand, traditional wear represents our culture and traditions. It is important to keep them to yourself if we really want to preserve our Pakistani identity. If we as a nation are not willing to promote our norms, then who will??? Many Pakistani people shifting to abroad usually forget their customs while wearing western clothes there. Hence, forgetting their national identity.  Although, they should know the fact that their personality is portrayed by the way they dress.

Additionally, traditional Pakistani dresses signify unity. A research conducted on this topic indicated that people wearing eastern wear are less pressurized and have less emotional issues. The key reason is that they are in touch with their ancestral religious dress and thus are not insecure about their overall look.

I, being a Pakistani, personally have a firm belief in this aspect that we should maintain a balance in all things. Hence, it very unsuitable for us to blindly follow just western wear fashion trends and ignore our eastern wears or vice versa. We, as a nation, should not feel embarrassed on our national dress code as this is our identity and tradition. We should follow western trends but must not avoid our traditional wears. In this way, we will be able to keep ourselves connected with the latest fashion and fads, yet enhancing our norms and culture by keeping in mind our ancestral roots.

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