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Top 7 Indicators To Spot a Good Quality Handbag

Top 7 Indicators To Spot a Good Quality Handbag

We all know that one bag failure could lead to the devastation of customer’s day. Before making any purchase on bag, make certain it is of good quality. Wondering how to recognize a poorly made handbag (few of them are of luxury and expensive brands), here is an in-depth breakdown of what makes a good quality handbag good and bad handbag bad:

Here are the top seven signs of a good handbag:

Perfect Stitching:

Stitching is one of the main prospects when it comes to handbags. These impressive handbags are made up of skilled craftsmen. This means every stitch and design, whether both inside and outside, is of exact similar size as its neighbors. Poor and uneven stitching is the primary signs of a substandard handbag.

Detailed Stitching around the corners:

During the construction of a handbag, it is quietly ensured that the stitches around the corners remain equidistant. Due to this reason stitching around the corners is the main indicator of a good handbag. When you’re capable to locate a good designer handbag who maintains in-depth ideal stitching under these corners, it means you have located a brand that owns a strong faith on paying extra attention to the detailing.

Handbag Hardware:

A great symptom of a poorly made handbag is that if the hardware seems to look cheap, then surely the bag is of not god quality. The fine details and finishes are a minor but significant means for brands to put their identity on a bag, and when some attention is given to the hardware, it is a depiction of the manufacturer’s deficiency of interest in the ultimate final look.

Easy to Clean:

The substantial materials which are used to manufacture your bag will indicate if the dirt is a permanent fixture, or else it can be cleaned out easily. As nylon is utilized on PHD bags, spills are merely a few sprays of Windex and a wipe away from disappearing.


Another great sign of exposing a good handbag depends on the mechanism of the zipper. Sometimes, metal zippers are considered to be the sign of a great handbag, although they could sang easily and then require expensive replacement. Opt a self repairing plastic zipper with a high quality bag.

Tear Proof Lining:

A rogue pencil or pen could ruin the entire handbag if it is not designed with tear proof lining. Most of the PHD linings are made in Italy and is carefully manufactured to be shred proof.

Binding Inspection

The perfectly secured handbags binding closely cuddle the corners of handbag. A woman looking for a good equality should keep a close eye on the bindings as well.

It doesn’t matter what is your preference when it comes to branded handbag, keeping in mind these above mentioned seven tips could save your heavy investment and time from the substandard bags; and could assist you a lot in making a perfect purchase wisely before making any wrong decision.  

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