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Top 6 Toys that Encourage Kids to Play Independently

Top 6 Toys that Encourage Kids to Play Independently

Indulging kids to play independently cam be quite annoying. Playing independently is a basic step that should be learnt by all children. But for the parents who work at home, making the children to learn independently is generally necessary.

It is quite significant to set work-at-home-rules and keep the children stick towards them, but having something for kids to do is fairly so. That’s why, toys play a pivotal role in children’s lives to keep them playing independently and safely.   

It is very normal to analyze that toys enhances the imaginative power of kids, let them develop their fine skills and keep them busy while you are at work.

Following are the most important toys that every should kid should keep during their growing age:


Trains foster both the engineering and learning power. Trains keep the kids engage for hours in physical and intellectual play. Selecting from the several train sets from the market is significant because once you’ve opted a set; you’re likely to keep on adding new models of train sets.

Building Blocks:

There is abundance of option in building blocks. These types of blocks inspire the down-on-the floor, hands-on-play. These building blocks enhance the mental creativities because children can take what is in their mind and actually start building it with their imaginative eyes.

Dress up Clothes:

With the help of dress up clothes and larger play sets like doll house or kitchen sets, children can put their whole body’s effort into their fantasy world. This can assist our little ones to learn dressing up by themselves more quickly.


The best thing about these brain enhancement toys is that they assist kids to develop their attention spans. Resolving a problem in games like puzzles for toddlers should be given a reward. While computer games can also do this miracle, but these physical activities could add an element of fun.

Art Sets:

Children are by-birth very innovative. Few depict this by building blocks, few express it through imaginations and other express this via art. Although, art can be quite fin and messy, this can help kids to clean the mess as well during art play. So, work-at-home parents require choosing art projects very carefully. These art crafts are very portable and handy which you can carry with yourself anywhere outside with much ease.

Computer Tablets:

It is not wrong to keep the computer technology in this list. We all live in real world. It is quire great and reality based to keep the kids immersed in the real and true world. Technology will help a lot in this regard.  There are many things in tablets which can keep the kids busy in fertile way. There are numerous apps that are educational, innovative and stimulating. There are many games, art projects and puzzles.

Although, parents require using a tablet as one of the primary ways to entertain the children while they are at work. Indulging them in front of a beneficial screen for several hours will keep their kid’s brain busy for ages but in a meaningful way.

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