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Top 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid While Wearing Suit

Top 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid While Wearing Suit

Whether you are stepping into the routine event or going to a special occasion that immediately gives you a goose bump, wearing a suit is a significant part of your daily closet. The trickiest and hardest part of an outfit for a man to wear is Suit. A slightest mistake in suit can lead to a huge error, hence making you look like a disaster. Everything in the suit should be up-to-mark.  A very long sleeve or too much accessories could make your overall look out of fashion.

Here, in this article, are the biggest mistakes when it comes to tailoring that men should avoid always….

Giving No Attention to Tie

If your tie is not falling merely above your waistline and strongly ties without looking clumsy, then it is the right time for crucial reevaluation.

And the foremost thing to remember is that your suit’s tie should never ever be skinnier than your suit lapel.

So, be very careful while selecting a tie and its colors with your suit as it is certainly going to make your personality amazing or disaster; all depending on your selection..

Struggling Too Hard

Complimenting decent things to a simple look is another ting. But when it comes to suit, weird tie clips, matching belts and floral pocket squares could definitely give an irrelevant look to your personality.

But if you are still in anxiety, then stick to three accessories only which include wrist watch as well.

Ignoring the Significance of Good Shirt

The less appreciated element in suit when it comes to tailoring is Suit. A bad shirt could make your personality disastrous.

While it is not significant to spend loads of money on shirt; you just need to make sure that whatever shirt you chose, the sleeved should sit just on the wrist.

Everyone mostly focuses on the stitching of trouser, but why not shirt?

Bad Selection of Shoes

We have been encountered many times with such scene like “He’s well dressed, wearing navy blue royal suit, sleek gel hair, good selection of tie.  Perfect look!!! Then, we instantly roll our eyes to his shoes; a thin-soled toffee shoes which suddenly gives you a nightmare.” Another elegant suit with a pair of crap shoes I guess LOL..!!

Hence, the significance of shoes with a good suit cannot be denied indeed. Get yourself a big boost and shop the amazing shoes from your favorite brand while wearing suit for a specific event before it gets too late.


Another notable mistake in the tailoring of suit is ill-fitting. Sloppy, puddling and clumsy bad suits instantly grab one’s attention.  So, ill-fitting suit should be immediately eradicated from your wardrobe.

We are discussing about the trouser that doesn’t sit right, sleeves that doesn’t fit, and blazes that hangs too loose when buttoned.

Therefore, keep the exact précised measurements while purchasing suit for your special occasion if you really doesn’t want to look like a CLOWN.

The very minor things count when it comes to wearing a SUIT.

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