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Highly Recommended Sleepwear for Guys

Highly Recommended Sleepwear for Guys

Finally it’s the weekend. And you are staying at home and you really don’t want to get yourself dressed up. We all have been in this situation I guess.

To assist you locate the ideal pair of pajamas for wandering at home or sleeping in, then Hiffey has scoured all the research for this purpose. Ranging from the PJ sets for conventionalists to lounging gear for sleepy Sundays, Hiffey has found the best and most comfortable bedwear for men. We have certainly discovered the wide range of bedwear to sleep in style – here is our discovery:

Burgundy Jersey Set:

The amazing burgundy short set in 100% cotton fabric is a pivotal part of sleepwear range. This nightwear is perfect for those ones who find longer pants too hot during bedtime.

Check Pajama Bottoms:

If you are one of those guys who run behinds the cozy pajama set, then the checked pair will surely make you feel comfortable at night. These checked pairs also come in variety of colors and sizes.

Striped Cotton Pajamas:

Classic striped blue pair pajamas are believed to be the king of all nightwear. It usually consists of wrinkle-free buttons-down top and bottoms with light blue contrasting stripes on comfy white cotton fabric with incredible piping done in navy color. This set is ideal for the traditionalists.

Long Pants:

These amazing long pants are available in variety of colors. These bottoms are specially made for lazy weekends lounging around the home. This is also an ideal option for the liberals who don’t like wearing PJs.

Pure Cotton Satin Parrot Print Pajamas:

This pair of set reflects classic pajama with a funky parrot print. The 100% satin fabric is breathable, comfy and cool too, will try to make them feel luxurious and cozy against you warm skin.

Flannel Pajama Bottoms:

One of the best staples having a winter-friendly fabric. The  brushed cotton on it have even make them more comfortable and warmer, while it still sustains to keep their traditional branded waistband and check print.

Plaza Pajamas:

Want to make a style statement with your bedwear? These light weight Plaza bottoms from the night specialists with a mini spot pattern, collared shirt and stylish boxer style shorts will certainly make you feel cool and elegant at bedtime.

Thermal Jersey Long Johns:

These astonishing nightwear sets are made for those who actually feel too cold. Elasticated long johns definitely work for bed and under trousers if you are spending a lot of time outside in a very cool temperature.

Dal Pajama Set:

The designers, nowadays, are highly indulged in manufacturing the comfiest Pjs set for men’s nightwear. The gingham pattern bottoms are super cozy and the soft jersey tee is stylish enough to wear out of the home.

Pajama Bottoms:

Another great pair set for lounging which won’t surprise the unexpected guests that you are still roaming in your Pjs. These wonderful yet stylish pair comes mostly in blue and black. And it is believed to be the best among all.

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