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Contemporary Trends on This Eid-ul-Adha 2K18

Contemporary Trends on This Eid-ul-Adha 2K18

The biggest Muslim Festive i.e. Eid-ul-Adha 2018 is just around the corner and several people including me as well are still unsure about the dress. Purchasing and wearing the perfect outfit for yourself in the massively crowded shopping malls or bazaars is not less than a challenge.

The trends of fashion are not always evergreen and keep on changing in accordance with the demand of weather. As we all know Eid is coming on immensely hot weather, so your clothes for this festival should be breathable and light in weight.  Fitted dresses are definitely not included in this list because it will permit your body to sweat a lot.

Nude and light colors are quite in fashion these summer days. You really don’t need to choose bright colors to look stylish and glamorous. Just go for the shades of blue, white, silver, yellow, pick or whatever you like.

If you are struggling hard to find an ideal dress for this Eid-ul-Adha 2018, then this post might assist you to know the latest styles of this event.

Peplum Cuts:

Peplums have totally ruled this year when it comes to latest fashion and trends. These cuts can surely make you look stunner and stylish in no time.

Luxury Lawn Dress:

If you really want to look classy with a 3 piece dress, then grab the luxury lawn outfits of your own choice. The fabric of lawn is way comfortable and breathable. It Is highly recommended to housewives who are going to be quite busy with all the cooking stuff and at the same time dealing with the guests.

Pastel Colors:

The teenagers or adults can also choose a gorgeous pastel dress such as modern cut shirt with cultural embroidery as this minimum effort will make your whole personality drop dead gorgeous.

Gharara Pants:

Gharara and Sharara Pants have taken the fashion to a next level. With the fusion of traditional and contemporary, it gives an outstanding jaw-dropping beautiful appearance with frocks.

Bell Sleeves:

Instead of traditional cut works on sleeves, bell sleeves have brought a revolutionary change in the fashion industry. Girls can opt a bell sleeves top whether short or long top. Bows and double layered bell sleeves are also in trend.

Cigarette Pants:

It is just as astonishing as it sounds. Cigarette Pants can go with all type of fashionable tops and traditional outfits. Short peplums or shirts with light modified embroider complimented by these pants truly sounds quite impressive and ravishing.

Graphic Skirts:

If any of you want to give a western touch to this Eid-ul-Adha’s Dress, then go for the graphic skirts with plain nude tops. It is definitely going to grab the attention of family and friends.

Cut Work:

Cut work was once used to be the ancient trend in 90s and 80s. With the passage of time, designers have revitalized this trend again with a modern touch. The cut work done at the sleeves, shirts and trousers can make you whole look transformed in good sense LOL. It undoubtedly looks highly incredible and pretty at festivals, events and weddings.

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