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Top Five Ways to Overcome This Summer Heat

Top Five Ways to Overcome This Summer Heat


Finally, the hot summers have arrived at its full energy. It’s the period when all the people are running towards the cold water, waiting for the rains and beating their sweats with ice-cream and cold drinks. These scorching summers could not only affect you externally but it can also cause a big harm to your mental health as well.

Well, it is not in our hands to alter this extreme climate but we can certainly help you out to deal with this heat smartly. Just follow the easy tricks and beat this hot weather in no time:

  1. Opt the light colors and breezy fabrics

The main pro-tip to follow in these summers is to wear light colored and loose-fitted clothes in order to avoid the heat-strokes. Go for the light and breezy fabric like cotton or lawn as cotton fabrics usually keep you cooler in contrast to other synthetic fabric. Don’t ever go for dark colored clothes especially Black which is usually an all-time favorite shade of females LOL…

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  1. Don’t go for open hair

Although, short-hair cuts are quite in trend these days in Pakistan. But if you are not really interested in trimming your hair right up to the Bob, then the best option is to tie them up. Just tie them up with a Rubber Band in a bun or try to braid them in order to avoid the heat and sweats annoying you on the back and neck.


  1. Avoid Unnecessary Outdoor tours

Try to keep yourself stay at indoors whether you’re at home or work and ignore unimportant direct contacts with the sunlight, as the harmful UV radiations could highly ruin your face and body. Make sure to keep your house cool, use sunscreens, heat blocking curtains and use LED lights as it emits quite less heat.


  1. Promote Plants and Trees

Start planting trees and plants in your garage, terrace or anywhere as it will keep your house’s temperature low, promote oxygen and going to beat the scorching heat in your nearby locality. Cultivating trees will also going to provide shade to the other people and animals. Another suggestion is to place small pots of plants on the edge of your window; this will help to keep the dry air away from the house.


  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Try to keep yourself as much hydrated as you can. Drink water before you feel thirsty. You are facing dehydration problem if you’ve started feeling thirsty. Milkshakes, smoothies, fresh juices, and lassi are few of the most helpful rehydrating elements as they keep you well hydrated and help to keep your body temperature normal. Just stop yourself consuming spicy and oily foods in summers which are near to impossible for us LOL…. Eat fresh citrus fruits. Don’t forget to note down that that your daily water intake should be almost 3 liters per day.

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