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Recommended Things you shouldn’t Consider wearing on Wedding

Recommended Things you shouldn’t Consider wearing on Wedding

These days, weddings are getting less restrictive in terms of rules and dress code because people are getting much more progressive now than they used to be. That is still amazing!!! But still, you have to consider few things if you want to look respectable at the wedding ceremony despite knowing all the freedom you’ve got now. Let’s dive into the article, Shall we?

  1. Don’t Go for White

I know I know white is a sign of peace and calmness. But definitely, you shouldn’t go for white, off-white or really pale color when it comes to the colorful wedding. Awwwweeee White Dresses I truly feel for you LOL!! But believe me don’t ever try this at weddings. If you really want to wear something light, then go for neutral colors. Always select bright and fresh colors especially for night events when it comes to weddings.

  1. Never look Underdressed

Even though if the wedding event is more casual, I bet you it is definitely NOT! It is always considered better to get overdressed rather than underdressed as it will keep your look up-to-date with the occasion. If you are not feeling cozy with your heavy formal dresses, then please go for semi-formal dresses and adorn them with matching accessories. If you’re finding a good eastern collection for weddings, then kindly check our website asap before the stocks run out.

  1. Don’t wear Denims

Jeans and denims are totally listed in the NO category when it comes to Shaadi. Denims could surely give you a very casual, disastrous and messy look for the Wedding. Plus why to go for denims when you can wear them up literally on any other casual day? So, exclude all the denims and jeans for wedding season!!!

  1. Don’t Wear Shorts Guys

This is usually applicable to men only. Men need to follow the rules of Wedding dress code strictly i.e. Pant coat. Women have the guts to deal with any kind of messy fashion but seriously men are going to surely look clown if they would cross limits when it comes to Wedding. So, never ever try to experiment with your looks in Wedding. can provide a variety of men clothing at different price ranges according to your budget.

  1. Stick to the Dress Code

I know I know experimenting with your looks in wedding usually results in devastating and out of fashion outcomes. Hence, if you are feeling ambiguous about your overall look, then my suggestion is to just strictly follow the wedding rules of dress code i.e. wearing traditional Angrakhas or Ghararas with beautiful flair peplums. Whereas, men can go for traditional kurta shalwar or pajama for Mehndi; Ajkan or Sherwani for Barat and Pant Coat for Walima. Hence, you all have many choices when it comes to traditional Rich Fat Wedding. Just play safe and I’m sure at the end, you’ll look mesmerizing in the traditional dress code among all.





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