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Highly Recommended Ways To Boost Up Your Selfies on this Festive Eid

Highly Recommended Ways To Boost Up Your Selfies on this Festive Eid

Looking fat and ugly in the pictures of major events or occasions could ruin your whole personality and confidence. With the passage of time, I have lost commendable weight just for the sake of good SELFIES… LOL!!!! But still, it took me months to understand the top ways of how to look amazing in selfies without facing any over-weight issue.

Earlier, I blamed my old phone camera for my worst selfies. But when I tried the same technique on latest smartphones, I got the right answer simultaneously. The problem was not lying in the phone camera. It was always ME!!!! So if you want to avoid all these fusses, then please do consider these tips to boost up your selfie game at this Eid.


You will somehow attain the best result of selfies in suitable lights. However, the shadow could hide your flaws better but taking selfies in light could mesmerize your personality in a blooming way. So, stop being worried about the electricity bill and light up your selfies with amazing background lights.

A Cheesy Smile

A good cheesy smile could give life to your dead boring selfies. Although, it takes a lot of effort and practice to achieve your beautiful selfie smile. The number of failed attempts in selfies led me to the way of being smile-less. If you are just like me, then seeking your best smile selfie could be the most difficult task than other things. I know I know it feels super weird and stupid to keep on smiling in front of the camera in order to find your best selfie, but still, don’t care about all such formalities and keep on practicing to acquire your best selfie on this festive eid.

Opt the best Angle

Standing on the best angle of your camera with a side tilt could result in exceptionally great selfie pictures. Angles could also make you look even smarter, though giving illusions to your loved ones LOL!!! So find your best angle and take your amazing selfies while showing off your wonderful eid dress this year.

Good Quality Camera Phone

The foremost trick of good selfies lies under the roof of the good camera phone. However, I am like having a little doubt on this point as few latest smartphones do not give the accurate results if you are not holding the mobile correctly. So, invest your budget on a good quality camera as it is always going to try its level best to give a GLOW to your selfies.

Apart from all this, just BE YOURSELF and smile confidently because at the end you are BEAUTIFUL J

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