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Top Ways to Select the Precise Shoe for Your Kids

Top Ways to Select the Precise Shoe for Your Kids


Being a parent, we can totally understand the worth of choosing the right pair of shoes for your kids. Almost 70 percent of foot related issues comes from uneasy and ill-fitting shoes. Kids usually fully develop their feelings and brain at the age of 18 and then they grow at different rates relying on their age.

So, this post will guide you on how to choose the right size and style of shoes for your babies, toddlers, and grown-up kids. Just dive into the article and follow these useful tips:

How to Choose Right Pair of Shoes for babies:

The baby’s bone feet are made up your cartilage which is a quite flexible element that you can also find in your ear and nose. The baby’s feet usually grow very rapidly at this tender age until 3 years old. However, an infant requires outgrowing up his feet within 12 or 15 weeks. The shoe for infant should be soft, flexible and breathable as feet are pretty delicate and tender.

How to Choose Right Pair of Shoes for Toddlers:

As your baby child begins to walk, it is very significant to opt a right shoe for him or her which not only give him/her protection but also enable maximum movement for the precise development of the foot. In this age, toddlers require developing muscle strength in feet and reinforcing the grasping activities of toes. Toddlers need soft and non-slip soles for indoor activities in order to develop and grow with plenty of room space. For outdoor, toddlers need to wear flexible and lightweight shoes. Size of toddlers’ shoe feet should be rechecked within 6-8 weeks.  

How to choose the Right Pair of Shoes for Grown-up Kids aged 5+:


Children become more active and vigilant after 4 years. So, maintain and rechecking the shoes is quite significant for grownup kids. Once your child starts going to school, it is responsibility of parents to check the right fitting of shoes within every 3 to 4 months. as your child usually, wear those shoes for almost 8 hours a day. Hence, it becomes quite vital for the parents to keep an eye on the right fitting of child’s shoe as their feet’s bones continue to grow until they reach their late teens. The most ideal pair of shoes permits room for toes to move and breathe. The sole of the shoe should avoid causing a lot of friction as it can change the gait of your kids. Furthermore, just look for the breathable fabrics and linings like cotton or leather in the pair of shoes as they are an ideal fit. In fact, grownup kids’ feet sweat more than the adults’ feet do, so keep in mind the right fitting, fabric, style and breathable shoe is a perfect choice for the development of your grownup kids’ feet bones.

So, we hope this post has answered almost all the concerns and ambiguities of parents related to the task of choosing the right fitted shoes for kids.

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