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Key Functions of GPS Tracker Watches for Kids

Key Functions of GPS Tracker Watches for Kids

There are several accessories that kids these days like a lot. Apart from being fun on top, such kids’ accessories usually come with great functionality and safety. GPS Kids Watch is the major concern of attention for kids nowadays. For many children, it generally seems to look like a simple wrist watch i.e. color, lights, and simple to use. But on the other hand, it showcases several safety features and functions which today’s generation will definitely be going to like it.

The children’s phone watch or GPS Trackers assist the parents to keep in touch with their kids, their activity, and location. A watch which is not less than a smartphone. A magical watch for Kids and parents in today’s arena !!!!

This post is all about the GPS Tracker watches’ functions, features and safety measures. So let’s dive into this article: 

Digital Fence:

One of the most prominent features of GPS tracker watch is that it usually does comes with a Digital Fence. The basic aim of this function is to set territorial locations. Once you child has crossed the border, you’ll be notified about it instantly. Hence, if you seriously want your kids to go home straight from the school- then this digital fence will surely be going to help you a lot to make sure all the things are working according to the plan.

GPS Tracker:

This feature is one of the miraculous functions of GPS tracker watches. This feature assures the precise location of your kid at any time. So, do check it once you have chosen the desired style of the watch before making any purchase. Few of the watches offer sometimes offer a mix of positioning modes i.e. GPS + LBS + Wi-Fi.

SOS Button:                   

This specific button helps your kid to immediately dial a number present in the GPS tracker watch during the time of trouble. Such contact number can be of the police station, hospital, fire department. It is seriously the best option for child’s safety during the tough times.

Function of phone:

Such type of GPS tracker watches give the function of mini phones as well – the key distinction is only in the details. Few watches allow two way calling i.e. both the parents and child could make a call to each other. This calling feature is usually done through the help of shortcuts i.e. you can deploy key numbers like two, that your kid would be capable to dial a number by pressing a single button. Such number could be a policy station number, home number or emergency service etc. On the other hand, when it comes to receive a call, you can set a list of numbers that will be only allowed to call your kid’s phone watch be creating a whitelist.


Make sure you select such a GPS tracker watch which owns a good battery life. A 300mAh battery will offer the span of 72 hours on standby. Whereas, 550mAh battery will provide a battery life of 10 days. Few watches also come with the wireless charging stations which offers your kid to charge their gadget without the need for electricity. Just try to charge the watch in a timely manner, no matter how good battery life it owns.


This feature is related to the healthy routines of your child. Apart from all the key features, this function allows to keep a track of exercise manners throughout the day and take measures.

Speaker & Microphone:

These types of watches also come with a built-in microphone and speaker which permits you to turn on the speaker and listen in on what is happening if your child has gone in a wrong track.

Alert Notification:

You will be instantly notified if your kid has attempted to take off the watch. This beneficial function will help to assure that GPS tracker watch does not taken off and or left behind purposely.




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