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How To Select Best Bed Linens for your Home?

How To Select Best Bed Linens for your Home?

We spend our half of the lives asleep, so it does make sense to invest in bed linens that are not merely comfortable, but also durable and cozy. The decision process can vary according to the thread count, patterns, solids, and fabric. So with so many ambiguities and options, it could be difficult to select the best bed sheets. Here are the major tips which you can follow to choose the best beddings:

Thread Count

To check the quality of bed linens, thread count is not a mere indication. Unless it is highly mesmerizing and very costly fabric, a high thread count is only a numbers game: several companies here breach the numbers with double twist yarns in a substandard fabric. So beware about it and double check the thread count before making any purchase.

Quality of fabric

The quality and type of fabric you opt for your bed linens has one of the most significant roles with your personal choice. Just imagine the clothes which you are wearing for 8 hours a day.

  • Cotton: The most costly, durable and best quality is 100 percent cotton Egyptian, which has quite long staple fibers that are very cozy and gives peaceful sleep.
  • Linen: Linen bed sheets are perfectly suitable for hot climates. It costs a lot but will last for decades. It is soft comfortable and improves with age.
  • Pima: This type of material is famous for its softness and is quite affordable then Cotton and linen bed sheets.
  • Poly-blend sheets: This is very easy, elegant, simple and resistant to wrinkles.


Designs and patterns of the bed linens play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall look of bedroom. I always recommend selecting a small, medium and large scale of colorful designs. It is a very convenient way to initiate experimenting with funky prints.


Precise weaving has somehow direct or indirect impact on how we feel. Bed linens should be lightweight and tightly woven which usually outcomes in cool and wrinkle-free bedding. It also smoothly gives extra soft texture. Few other weaves to consider: ultra-soft and lustrous sateen, and flannel, with a nappy texture ideal for winter season.



How many bed linens and sheet sets you desire, it all depends on your requirements. How often you change the sheets also varies this factor. But never forget that bed linens that might seem summery in stuff can work all year. Just adorn your beautiful bed linens with coverlet, blankets and throws to transform your bed into more comfortable, cozier and smooth for peaceful sleep.

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