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Top 5 Fashion Myths that are meant to Break

Top 5 Fashion Myths that are meant to Break

Styles, designs, cuts, and colors have no limits and boundaries. We, people, have restricted ourselves to specific designs and style statements. But our Pakistani Fashion Industry has grown so fast now that every type of suitable fashion and trend is getting appreciation from the fashion critics and public. Youngsters are more likely to embrace these trends with much courage and confidence. So, this post is going to aware you about the top major fashion myths that should be broken in the meantime: 

  1. Pair of gold and silver

The pair and combination of gold and silver have always been characterized as outdated. However, this combo can look quite antique if it is styled in a proper way. These contrasting metals pretty much suit each other and prevent you from looking a disaster. In accordance with the researches, these metallic shades either it is a jewelry or dress, look amazing when paired with each other. So if you are searching for such kind of antiques, then do have a look on our website Hiffey as soon as possible before the stock runs out.

  1. Combo of Black with Navy Blue

Once, the combination of black and navy blue was believed to be quite useless and outdated. But now the fashion designers have broken this taboo as they introduced this pair with intricate designs and cuts that are quite eye-catching and stylish. So, go for this fashion statement and say bye bye to those old-fashioned myths.

  1. Your accessories should match each other

There was a time when “Matching Accessories” were getting hype among youngsters. Matching belts, matching shoes, matching belt and matching earrings were considered to be the essential elements in fashion. But then thanks to our Fashion Industry and designers, things have gone changed and people have accepted playing with the colors and mix-match. So, go for these combos as it will look quite funky and trendy.

  1. Stripe Prints

Abstract and stripe prints are usually believed to be boring and out of fashion. And few somehow also have a notion that these prints give you a look of cheap and downmarket quality which is quite unrealistic I guess. A well stitched and stylish striped outfit can impress any women now. Our Pakistan designers have done really hard to indulge back these prints again in the fashion market. But if you still don’t feel cozy with these prints, then keep these dresses on lower preferred sides.

  1. Clutches can be used at anytime

The most favorite accessory of any girl after jewelry is sure would be bagged. Handbags and clutches commonly give a luxurious look to your entire personality. Therefore, women usually love holding clutches whether it is a night function or day one. But let me tell you that clutches are meant for night events as they look quite fabulous and stylish after the sunset. So, avoid using them during daytime as it looks very tacky and unsuitable.


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