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How to Pick an Ideal Handbag for your Body Shape?

How to Pick an Ideal Handbag for your Body Shape?


Handbags are pretty an elegant thing. They are not only meant to carry our essential things but also they upgrade our wardrobe and add charisma to one’s personality. Sadly, it is quite hard to locate such kind of handbag in the world.

Mostly, such type of handbags are not ergonomic or they are quite functional even though if they look awesome. Few times, the ugliest ones are the functional handbags. That’s why average females purchase nearly 21 bags and get a new one every after 4 months or so on. Although, handbags are quite expensive, so you are always keenly eager to invest your money in a valuable handbag.

But foremost thing you have to note down is your Body Type. Not every type of handbag suitable for every female. Just read this article to find out the perfect handbag suitable for you and your body type.  

Basically when we ever go out to shop for some handbags, keep in mind the opposite shape of the body is always quite flattering. Just go to the dressing room, carry the bag and check out in the mirror from all aspects. I’m sure it will help a lot of girls.


Oversized bags are not meant for short women. So, stop getting inspired from Hollywood. Large bags usually tend to make you overall look more overwhelmed. Shoulder bags having long strap should be avoided as they will make you look even further shorter.

Tall and thin

Just select a handbag which has a short and slouchy shape. Just neglect to choose those handbags which have a short strap as it is going to make you look even taller. Opt those bags that are wider in shape rather than taller. For this purpose, a clutch can be a perfect choice.


If you are choosing a costly branded handbag, then pick that one which you can use most often. Don’t go for such handbags that you can wear rarely. So, there’s no need to spend loads of money which is going to remain in closet for years. If you are buying many affordable handbags, then pick up those classic colors like brown and black. Afterward, you can buy some funky, metallics and printed handbags for your other occasions.


Just grab a huge structured or boxy type handbag to make you look slim and smart. It will also balance out your curves. Don’t go for a handbag that is quite small as it will make you look larger. Pick a tiny pattern in handbag if you are a fan of prints.

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